The Bill Wilson Story

Don Laub and I were talking today about how I connected with Interplast. In the early 1970s when I was working as an engineer, one of the mission controllers was also a flight instructor. I’m not sure how we got together, but I hired him to help me get my private pilot’s license, which I … Continue reading The Bill Wilson Story


Mexicali Pt. I – The Real Start

Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University December 2, 1959 They had advised me, the #3 student at Marquette Medical School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America, to seek a broadly based background in medicine; in fact, a medical internship was advised. Broad medical training would be better than focusing narrowly on a technical specialty such … Continue reading Mexicali Pt. I – The Real Start

Mexicali Intro

In the world, the physician’s job is teaching research and patient care. For practical purposes, we categorize physicians into one of 3 branches of medicine: 1) research scientist 2) clinical physician educator & role model and 3)biotech business executive. In plastic and reconstructive surgery, every diagnosis and actually each individual physician concentrates his efforts in … Continue reading Mexicali Intro