Stories of how MANY impossible barriers were solved by the following people

When we started the international program, the synergy of the foundation named Interplast, with the Stanford University Medical School, provided the perfect combination of scientific research with practical application. For example, the body of knowledge in the field of Physics is not equally distributed across the world. The more developed countries have a corner on this body of knowledge. Physics contains the theory whereas, the field of Engineering delivers the practice of these theories to the people. Universities have a vital role in this synergy.

Similarly, in medicine Human Biology is the home of basic medical research which contributes the huge important theories which propel incredible advances. However, in medicine, the practical application of these theories is the role of the physician educators (and the biotech executives). Human Biology is solving, is telling us how this awful genetic disaster, a cleft lip for example, happened. The physician educator solves this disaster for the individual.

Here are the problems, and the persons with the solutions I experienced during my over 157 international humanitarian trips. To read their stories, just click on the picture.

Problem 1: How Do We Bridge the Geographical Separation of The Theory from The Practice? The Haven for Basic Research and Nobel Prize Winners in One Place, and the Plethora of Human Pathology in Another Place

Dr. Laub 

Stanford Hospital 2001
Bone Marrow Transplant: A Miracle Similar to New Life

George Chippendale

(MIT math expert, rocket scientist with Lockheed (orbiting satellites), Interplast pilot, DC-3 co-pilot, procurer of DC-3 parts at times of unscheduled landings, candidate for Sainthood for a lifetime of working for the underprivileged)

The Perfect Smile
The Perfect Smile
Rescue of an American Girl in Mexicali
Rescue of an American Girl in Mexicali

Dr. Robert A. Chase, Theory of International Surgical Exchanges & Psychomotor Surgery Skills

The Glory Years: The First 5 Year Trip Report
The Glory Years: The First 5 Year Trip Report

Dr. Luis Bueso Arias

Politics Can be Your friend Doctor, Part II

Dr. Oscar Asensio

“Only” An Oral Surgeon- Doctor Oscar Asensio

Problem 2: Where Are the Patients?

Antonio Victoria

Problem 3: Where are the Funds?

Phil Collins

Judy Laub

Claire Elgin

Problem 4: Who are the International Contacts?





Problem 5: How Do We Navigate Politics & Professional Approval?





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