Stanford Hospital 2001

Bone Marrow Transplant: A Miracle Similar to New Life

In my case, and please listen up here, my DNA code had differentiated for many generations and had long since been supervised into brain cells, etc., and these had replicated themselves quite a bit


Perfection is the Enemy of Good

  Anita Fajardo was always a favorite patient of mine. In body image, perfectionism may be a negative factor. Anita Fajardo was a perfectionist, but perfection is the enemy of good. She was sexy and beautiful. She was not fully in a “job.” She chose pleasure over pain in one of her very important decisions.   … Continue reading Perfection is the Enemy of Good

Muskie Fishing with Brother Bill

The muskie is a king of fishes, built and engineered by God, similar to and as vicious as a barracuda—long, fast, muscular, huge, mean, and carnivorous. The fish and game department of the state of Wisconsin bred and re-bred and hybridized a selection of them as fighter muskies. This is a distinctive subspecies of muskie … Continue reading Muskie Fishing with Brother Bill

Lesotho Story: Semen for the Americas

LOBBY BAR, HOTEL AMBASSADOR HOUSTON, TX, CA. 1973 "Semen for the Americas is the world's best project." These words were heard from the President of the Semen for the Americas foundation, whose purpose is to improve the strain of cattle for the agricultural industry of the Americas (US, Mexico, Central America, and South America) by … Continue reading Lesotho Story: Semen for the Americas