My Subconscious Wins: Interesting Cases Are More Important Than $$$

As alluded to above, my professional career at Stanford University School of immersed me in an area of patient care and clinical experiences of high value...Gender Dysphoria Syndrome.

Early rise

Re-Entering the Box: Surgery, Society, and Recovery

We saw the patient again on three occasions -6 weeks and 6months and 6 years after surgery. Of course we memorialized with photography. We found out that after a three-year interval she had rehabilitated. She had gone to stenography school, learned a trade, had had a job since the surgery, and already had three children. This was a wonderful case and I was so happy.

Circumcision of a Father of Five

Circumcision of a Father of Five: Hard, hard, hard work plus naiveté does not make you perfectly suited to perform this operation. In addition to the fact that we were operating on an area of the human body of special interest, the practical and technical aspects of the operation also held my intensely concentrated attention … Continue reading Circumcision of a Father of Five