Winning Hearts and Minds

Actually, I hardly knew a war was taking place at the time, but I was in it. And of course, thanks be to God, I didn’t know which of the four sides I would work for.


“Only” An Oral Surgeon- Doctor Oscar Asensio

He devised quite cleverly, and with a great amount of planning and thinking about the principles derived from the embryology of cleft lip, the muscle misplacement in cleft—his own technique for cleft lip repair, using knowledge of wound healing. The repair as Asensio developed it differed from the repair most common in the world, and produced results which impressed us

The Grand Coincidence of Mexicali, or Was It?

The magic of Mexicali - why one of the most inhospitable climates in the hemisphere and almost in the entire world would be the site for truly fantastic patient care, teaching by role model, and research; why almost every resident on their debriefing summary mentioned an Interplast incident as one of their most significant endeavors … Continue reading The Grand Coincidence of Mexicali, or Was It?

Mission to Jacaltenango

Guatemala, “the land of eternal spring,” is the most beautiful country in the world. Steep green mountains in swirling fog, green flora of every sort, a colorful Indian culture in each pueblo, each a center of subsistence agriculture par excellence. Cliffs of 60º to vertical are terraced neatly, tended and preened more precisely than any … Continue reading Mission to Jacaltenango