Fogarty: My Pupil and Teacher in Equality

“These people are the same as us. In fact everyone in the world is really the same.”


This Boat is Going to Sink

Words of Late Lars Marcelius Vistnes, from Stavanger Fishing City, Norway and now Assistant Professor of Surgery, Plastic, and Interplast "faculty" at Stanford Honduras program At this particular time it was the moment of ecstasy of our new program.  Designed to solve a problem, it was the grand fix to remedy the relative dearth of patients with … Continue reading This Boat is Going to Sink

San Pedro Sula

San Pedro Sula, Honduras, the kidnap and violence capital of the world. What in the hell do you want to do in Honduras, DON? It’s dangerous, you don’t know the culture you don’t know the language, your job is up here in the center of learning, the center of skill and knowledge in your chosen … Continue reading San Pedro Sula

Politics Can Be Your Friend, Doctor Part II

Let me talk first about the person - a new friend, albeit in a straight business milieu in this exact situation, whom you form a bond with, not between two persons but among many persons present, which union easily results in action or “help.”

The Devil’s Foot – American Naïveté Manipulated

"The schedule [for surgery] is full." This was another negative development in the life of Anita Gajardo, whose life is absolutely more full of negative circumstances than anyone I've ever known. This is the story of a girl from the mountains around San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  The patient was kind enough to teach the surgeons a lesson regarding the complexity … Continue reading The Devil’s Foot – American Naïveté Manipulated