Nothing Changes a Culture like a Great Result

Honduran Boy who lost his penis  San Pedro Sula, Honduras 2:30PM March 22nd 1974 The resident was Roland Minami and 5 others. [2] The patient came to the Interplast Honduras clinic and presented with the chief complaint that he had lost his penis. He seemed like a regular 17 year old boy. He did not … Continue reading Nothing Changes a Culture like a Great Result


Winning Hearts and Minds

Actually, I hardly knew a war was taking place at the time, but I was in it. And of course, thanks be to God, I didn’t know which of the four sides I would work for.

Life is a Miracle

I can’t help it. For me “yes” is automatic when the warning is “no”, because I always deal with the “more minor” details and problems and all the seeming roadblocks “later”. But in this situation I actually wanted to say, “No, I’m at the jumping off place right here and now. My life is finished. This scenario is insane.”

The Mark Johnson Story

In the course of my practice at Stanford University I was looking for diagnoses in new areas to apply my recently acquired craft, wonderful in nature and powerful in its novel ability to improve humankind. As a recent transplant from the Midwest, I was searching to make a contribution to medical science and society that … Continue reading The Mark Johnson Story