My Subconscious Wins: Interesting Cases More Important Than $$$

As alluded to above, my professional career at Stanford University School of immersed me in an area of patient care and clinical experiences of high value...Gender Identity Disorder.

Bob Bell: Interplast Airforce Captain

Something good always come from a bad thing one in fifty thousand of the interplast anesthetic cases actually this is a wonderful record, a superior record when compare to certify United States develop world hospitals in December 19 1983, a child Pablo Ramirez age 6 awoke from anesthesia after a beautiful bilateral cleft lip repair … Continue reading Bob Bell: Interplast Airforce Captain

Early rise

Re-Entering the Box: Surgery, Society, and Recovery

We saw the patient again on three occasions -6 weeks and 6months and 6 years after surgery. Of course we memorialized with photography. We found out that after a three-year interval she had rehabilitated. She had gone to stenography school, learned a trade, had had a job since the surgery, and already had three children. This was a wonderful case and I was so happy.