to Many People, Many Passports!

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The Glory Years: Part Two

Sternal Dehiscence

The Devil’s Fool – American Naïveté Manipulated

How to Act on an International Trip 101

The Seven Psychological Levels

Politics Can Be Your Friend, Doctor


Interplast II: Hurdles and Defeat

Bill Wilson Story

Muskie Fishing with Brother Bill

The Reason for Interplast

The Basic Idea

The Grand Coincidence of Mexicali, or Was It?

Abajate – A Cultural Event

Mexicali Pt. 1 – The Real Start

Mexicali Intro

The Murders of Shep Nuland and Dutch Van Milhoan

Lesotho Story: Semen for the Americas

Sex Change Surgery: Gender Dysphoria Syndrome, Chapter One

The Wolf Dream: The Most Complex, Most Important, and Requiring the Most Skill of Any of Your Responsibilities

Mobile Surgery: Part II

Eugenio Lara: Bag on the Head

My Beautiful Wife’s Version of The Interplast Adventure

Pancho’s Story

Nuns and Kidnapping

Body Image 102: The Male Body Image

Part 2: Body Image in Excess – The Sense of Entitlement

Body Image 101: The 50% Factor

The Stanford Super Residency

4th Generation of International Humanitarian Surgery

Mobile Surgery

The Beginning: Interplast and Project Piaxtla

Two Vignettes: “The Sin of Greed – My First Week in Medical School” and “Don, It’s Time You Got a Job”

The Most Important Thing: Cancer, Survival, and Life Two

The Clair Elgin Story

Mission to Jacaltenango

Rescue of an American Girl in Mexicali

RAC (Dr. Robert A. Chase)

The Glory Years: The First 5-Year Trip Report (1968-1973)

The Perfect Smile

6 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. Dr. Laub, I am writing in hopes of assisting my lifelong partner who received medical assistance from you over 15 years ago. You work was excellent and has been significant in improving the quality of life. At present we are in need of another reputable doctor for possible medical attention to some changes since working with you. Could you please email us and we can talk further in confidentiality? I appreciate your time and effort. Thank you, p and r.

    1. greetings to p.& r,it is great to hear from you. My memory is highly accurate but of the 15,000 patients operated, 2000 of them for
      factor X I have a little trouble recalling your physiognomy.
      All in confidence,
      Upward and onward,
      D Laub M.D.

    1. Hello Mark– great to hear from you and it would be great to enter into some correspondence with you.
      I’m smiling at the thoughts.
      Your former coworker,
      upward and onward,

    2. Mark, thank you! I teach at stanford and promote many people many passport and international humanitarian students. I also promote trips to the students with colleagues around the world who I have known for many years.


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