Life is a Miracle

I can’t help it. For me “yes” is automatic when the warning is “no”, because I always deal with the “more minor” details and problems and all the seeming roadblocks “later”. But in this situation I actually wanted to say, “No, I’m at the jumping off place right here and now. My life is finished. This scenario is insane.”


Spreading my Equadorian Dream: Palacios Part III

Most people think that plastic surgery is frivolous; it is only to gain money, only to do breast implants or face lifting. It’s true that is part of it. I survive from that but I also gain the resources in order to do the other things, to achieve the dream.

Circumcision of a Father of Five

Circumcision of a Father of Five: Hard, hard, hard work plus naiveté does not make you perfectly suited to perform this operation. In addition to the fact that we were operating on an area of the human body of special interest, the practical and technical aspects of the operation also held my intensely concentrated attention … Continue reading Circumcision of a Father of Five

Perfection is the Enemy of Good

  Anita Fajardo was always a favorite patient of mine. In body image, perfectionism may be a negative factor. Anita Fajardo was a perfectionist, but perfection is the enemy of good. She was sexy and beautiful. She was not fully in a “job.” She chose pleasure over pain in one of her very important decisions.   … Continue reading Perfection is the Enemy of Good