Circumcision of a Father of Five

Circumcision of a Father of Five: Hard, hard, hard work plus naiveté does not make you perfectly suited to perform this operation. In addition to the fact that we were operating on an area of the human body of special interest, the practical and technical aspects of the operation also held my intensely concentrated attention … Continue reading Circumcision of a Father of Five

Perfection is the Enemy of Good

  Anita Fajardo was always a favorite patient of mine. In body image, perfectionism may be a negative factor. Anita Fajardo was a perfectionist, but perfection is the enemy of good. She was sexy and beautiful. She was not fully in a “job.” She chose pleasure over pain in one of her very important decisions.   … Continue reading Perfection is the Enemy of Good

My First Transexual Sued Me

At Stanford, it is obvious that you should, or must, excel. After all, Nobel Laureates eat lunch right across the table from you – the common faculty person. Wow. You look up to these people. That guy right there looking like a regular fellow, appearing as a serious person, mild-mannered, and probably of scholarly bent, … Continue reading My First Transexual Sued Me

The Glory Years: Part Two

The project of International Humanitarian Surgery came into existence as a result of a confluence of events which inspired the participants to engage with patients and communities outside of the U.S.A. The project was extremely worthwhile since it brought through surgery an almost miraculous change in a person’s life. The patient's body image and self-confidence were rapidly restored … Continue reading The Glory Years: Part Two