My Subconscious Wins: Interesting Cases Are More Important Than $$$

As alluded to above, my professional career at Stanford University School of immersed me in an area of patient care and clinical experiences of high value...Gender Dysphoria Syndrome.


My First Transexual Sued Me

At Stanford, it is obvious that you should, or must, excel. After all, Nobel Laureates eat lunch right across the table from you – the common faculty person. Wow. You look up to these people. That guy right there looking like a regular fellow, appearing as a serious person, mild-mannered, and probably of scholarly bent, … Continue reading My First Transexual Sued Me

SEX CHANGE SURGERY: Gender Dysphoria Syndrome, Chapter One

"I don't want my sex changed; I already am a (wo) man." -Words of the typical transsexual. I have heard them from 2,000 patients Starting over would be sex change surgery! The reaction of the human being is a negative one. It is against the natural law to change what God has made. It is … Continue reading SEX CHANGE SURGERY: Gender Dysphoria Syndrome, Chapter One