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Re-Entering the Box: Surgery, Society, and Recovery

We saw the patient again on three occasions -6 weeks and 6months and 6 years after surgery. Of course we memorialized with photography. We found out that after a three-year interval she had rehabilitated. She had gone to stenography school, learned a trade, had had a job since the surgery, and already had three children. This was a wonderful case and I was so happy.


Politics Can Be Your Friend, Doctor Part II

Let me talk first about the person - a new friend, albeit in a straight business milieu in this exact situation, whom you form a bond with, not between two persons but among many persons present, which union easily results in action or “help.”

Eugenio Lara: Bag on the Head

Our Peak Experience On our first trip (of 159) RAC and I went to Mexicali when Phil Collins had gathered a few people who might benefit from our services. Our first clinic. As I walked outside of Phil's ramshackle home that morning into the bright sunlight of the bright sunlight of the northern Mexico climate, … Continue reading Eugenio Lara: Bag on the Head

Pancho’s Story

I’ll tell you the story of Pancho, my friend who was faithful and strong and achieved a good end. His last name was Martinez and he hailed from Jalisco, Mexico. He had never caught good break until he met Interplast, in the person of social worker Dr. Amy Laden. According to his culture, Pancho was … Continue reading Pancho’s Story