This Boat is Going to Sink


But at this very moment in the story. This sacrifice was about to include the life of a Lars Vistnes himself, Neri Nazeri, his wife and two daughters, because sea water was beginning to form under the floorboards of the “unsinkable” brand-new beautiful, 32 foot fishing vessel.

San Pedro Sula


What in the hell do you want to do in Honduras, DON? It’s dangerous, you don’t know the culture you don’t know the language, your job is up here in the center of learning, the center of skill and knowledge in your chosen field of reconstructive plastic surgery?

Politics Can Be Your Friend Doctor, Part II


“I’m Dr. Luis Bueso Arias. I can help you but you must do as I say in…in medical politics.”

Let me talk first about the person – a new friend, albeit in a straight business milieu in this exact situation, whom you form a bond with, not between two persons but among many persons present, which union easily results in action or “help.”

The Devil’s Fool – American Naïveté Manipulated

“The schedule [for surgery] is full.”

This was another negative development in the life of Anita Gajardo, whose life is absolutely more full of negative circumstances than anyone I’ve ever known. This is the story of a girl from the mountains around San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  The patient was kind enough to teach the surgeons a lesson regarding the complexity of South American politics and culture.

Abajate – A Cultural Event

I so enjoy the gift of the other culture.

The world’s largest grossing motion picture was an epic cultural event for the Sampredanos, the San Pedro Sula citizens. I joined in with them and it was more than culture, it was an adventure in attempting to assimilate into another culture for Dr. Laub. The enjoyment of participating in the culture of these Sampredanos was immense.

The Basic Idea

The Interplast November 9, 2009 recall of a meeting in 1968 in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, in the presidential palace with the Minister of Health, the General of the Army, and the second-in-line Secretary of State.

As a third-year surgical resident, I was motivated by the humanitarian principle; and our concept was to spread out the advances and new knowledge and skills in medicine to the rest of the world. They nodded their heads up and down, meaning “yes.”


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