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Re-Entering the Box: Surgery, Society, and Recovery

on a mission with fun

This case was a fantastic example of the power of changing the body, which improves the self-image and the body image, improves the life, and makes the patient productive in society. Furthermore, the patient made the surgeon’s life more productive. She helped me pass the boards! And I was grateful to her and I wondered whether the favor was equivalent, surgeon to patient and patient to surgeon. My thanks to her!

Politics Can Be Your Friend Doctor, Part II


“I’m Dr. Luis Bueso Arias. I can help you but you must do as I say in…in medical politics.”

Let me talk first about the person – a new friend, albeit in a straight business milieu in this exact situation, whom you form a bond with, not between two persons but among many persons present, which union easily results in action or “help.”

Mexicali Intro

Each specialty has its own psychological profile. Part of the profile of plastic and reconstructive surgeons as a species is an abiding desire to fulfill the needs of the patient’s chief complaint of their problem.”

Mexicali Pt. I – The Real Start


“We fled to the bar and ordered Plan A, not Plan B. Plan A was two double vodka martinis up. And so, with anger in our hearts, and revenge on our minds, we concocted a different Plan B: to drive up to the very top Harvard Hospital at midnight, Peter Van Brigham, up to the pillars in front of the entrance, and urinate on them. A full bladder’s worth.”

The Devil’s Fool – American Naïveté Manipulated


The schedule is full. This is the story of Anita Gajardo. A girl from the mountains around San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The patient was kind enough to teach the surgeons a lesson regarding the complexity of South American politics and culture.

The Bill Wilson Story

At some point Don had said to someone words to the effect that Bill Wilson will get a medical education. I don’t know if the person who overhead that told me about it on that trip or at a later time, but I do know that over the ensuing years, whenever I felt discouraged by medical school rejections or not doing well on a test, that I would remember that and it would be a little boost to get me over the “down” moments.

The Basic Idea

So we called the U.S.A.I.D. in the State Department and asked to talk to the chief medical officer. We explained to him personally about the magnificence of this program, its power to help people and its power in international diplomacy. He surveyed all the Central American countries for places that needed help with plastic surgery. We personally contacted the chief medical officer of the American Embassy of each country and also the wife of the president…

The Grand Coincidence of Mexicali, or Was It?


The magic of Mexicali – why one of the most inhospitable climates in the hemisphere and almost in the entire world would be the site for truly fantastic patient care, teaching by role model, and research; why almost every resident on their debriefing summary mentioned an Interplast incident as one of their most significant endeavors of the 6 year Stanford training.

Rescue of an American Girl in Mexicali

Mexicali is a splendid site, a beautiful site, and that is because we are attracted to and attached to challenge, to risk, and to stress. We are seekers, not avoiders, of these three forms of magic.

The Perfect Smile


Instead of seeing his face as a cruel accident of nature, most of the people around him considered Salvador’s face a judgment from God—punishment for his parents’ sin when they conceived him. He had stayed inside his home in the barrios of Mexicali since his birth, rarely venturing into the outside world.


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