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Interplast Airforce
The interplast airforce utilized a DC3 plane to navigate South America effectively and transport medical supplies reliably.

Bob Bell: Interplast Air Force Captain

His flying skills came from discipline training and experience with Flying Tigers. He stuck to high high discipline and focus through thick and thin. He used a weight scale to measure everything loaded onto the plane. Bob always had the numbers right. He flew by the numbers. But things are a little easier with the DC3 when the shit hits the fan.


How to Act on an International Trip, 101

Be a little outgoing, take a little initiative… Talk to the person in the seat next to you on the airplane… Meet everybody, from janitor to king… Learn to put the other person before your questions.

The Reason for Interplast

In 1968, the patients were few at Stanford Medical Center. The patients are the human pathology and are therefore the reason for which the medical school might be needed or founded. Patients were scarce, and few and far between; there was not sufficient pathology for a new medical school to operate.


Interplast II: Hurdles and Defeat

I have the opportunity to work on the very toughest and therefore the best cases. In my mind, I feel therefore that I will be the best plastic surgeon.


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