Many People, Many Passports is a blog that features stories and reflections by Dr. Donald R. Laub, Sr., a retired plastic surgeon and the first academic to lead multidisciplinary teams on reconstructive surgery missions to developing countries. As the founder of Interplast, Inc. (now Resurge, Intl.), one of the world’s first organizations to provide free reconstructive surgery in developing countries, he is a pioneer in the field of international humanitarian surgery.

This blog aims to capture the ups and downs, the golden years, the friendships forged, the lives transformed, the mistakes made, and the lessons learned over seven decades of a remarkable life and career. We have not forgotten the mistakes and what we have learned from each of the 159 trips. The purpose of the blog is to bring what we have learned from our mistakes to you. These are more than just stories; together, they embody the development of a philosophy shared by a group of like-minded people.

While the philosophy itself is intangible, its reflections exist in forms that are very real: in his friends and family, in the patients that Dr. Laub himself healed, in the hundred of thousands of humanitarian surgical operations that sprung from the organization he founded, in all the people he has inspired with his singular vision, and in the countless others that those impacted have themselves gone on to touch. While the numbers are impressive, the full impact of his vision is incalculable.

In Dr. Laub’s own words, the true authors of his stories are many persons holding many passports. He has gained much wisdom from numerous individuals traveling on diverse paths, whose stories and lives will unfold here. In a way, they too are responsible for every word published on this blog. They have each had a part in molding the spirit that Dr. Laub injected into his humanitarian work. His duty now is to pass on this spirit, which is so difficult to put down on paper.

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