What does the artwork in the header of this blog depict?

The paintings are an artistic rendition of various stages of a surgical cleft rip repair. They were created by fine artist and graphic illustrator Paige Labrie. She can be contacted at green_abyss(at)sbcglobal.net

What is the small blue icon associated with this blog?

The icon depicts a boy holding a fishing pole in one hand and three fish in the other. It represents one of Dr. Laub’s favorite sayings: “Give a man a fish, and he eats for one day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

How do I navigate dlaub.wordpress.com?

Please refer to the site guide located in the “About” section.

How can I get in touch with Dr. Laub?

Please use the contact form located on the “Contact” page.

How can I receive updates whenever there is a new story posted?

Please subscribe to this blog using the link on the left sidebar. You will be notified whenever a new story becomes available. You will not receive spam as a result of subscribing to Many People, Many Passports.

Who will be able to read the comments I post in response to stories on this blog?

Your comments will be visible to any who visit dlaub.wordpress.com, so please observe guidelines of general courtesy and decency. The site administrator will screen comments for inappropriate content and remove content if necessary. If you have a private message intended for Dr. Laub only, please use the contact form instead of leaving a comment.

What is the nature of Dr. Laub’s current affiliation with Interplast/ReSurge International?

Dr. Laub remains the founder of Interplast, but has retired from his active role in the organization. He still considers himself the spiritual leader of the independent Interplasts of the world.

If I was interested in international health experiences, how should I prepare myself?

There is no short answer. Perhaps you’ll find it helpful to keep reading this blog.

I’d like to use and/or link to content on this blog. What procedure do I follow?

Please read the copyright statement and then use the contact form to request specific permission.

Who maintains dlaub.wordpress.com?

The site is organized and maintained by Rocio Molina, a Stanford University graduate who studied Political Science with a focus on International Relations and English.